Turbine Energy Co, was established in 2000 United Arab Emirates,Ajman Free Zone to fully service & support of Power Station (Gas Turbine) and also Oil and Gas Industries.

Our company management teams are expert more than 50 years in middle east energy field specially Power generation and also oil and gas.

Since commencing operations, TEC now operates four overhaul and repair depots in Middle east, Both overhaul depots are complete with inspection, non-destructive testing (NDT), kitting, building and balancing. In addition, testing can be performed on all engine lines serviced by TEC.

Building Mutually Beneficial Relationships. In creating high value service to our customers and sub-suppliers, TEC maintains close relationships with key players in selected markets.

We are dedicated to producing only the highest quality turbine parts for increased efficiency andmaximumdurability. 
TEC  is an engineering service provider with expertise in power plant engineering and oil and gas industry. With a strong management/engendering team, we are capable to carry out power plant projects.

Procurement for different parts of energy initiative plants such as gas turbine, steam turbine and various ancillary systems are the expertise of our spare parts supply network.


Our specially in turbo machinery industry is prominent TEC is capable to supply spare parts and overhaul/maintenance service for variety of engines for big power plant turbines i.e frame 5,6,7,9 to small oil and gas field engines such as Avon Rolls Royce engine / olympus /Siemens SGT Type.

Strong ties with major world engine suppliers and stock holders allows us to offer highly competitive lease engine proposals to our client to minimize downtime of production while we are servicing their engines that are either due for service our requires troubleshooting.

Gas Turbine Management

Our expanded infrastructure and partnership arrangements allow us to network and support our services internationally. We are in a unique position to offer both immediate advice and site assistance to industrial gas turbines users for all operational needs.

Turbine Energy Co, Services

  • Spare Parts
  • Engineered Solutions
  • Field Services
  • Component Repairs
  • Controls Retrofit
  • Engine & Package Re-location
  • Power systems training ,rotor repair and overhaul
  • Turbine blade repair and coatings
  • Complete gas turbine refurbishment
  • Engineering technology and support
  • Compressor services
  • Energy Development