Turbine Energy field service support team is made up of highly skilled, experienced, competent and dedicated professional’s supporting our customers’ needs 24/7.

To achieve this objective our customers are allocated a dedicated engineer and a Customer Account Manager (CAM). Our team works closely with customer’s to ensure proactive and effective communications and a response mechanism in meeting the contractual level of preventative maintenance and support.
The positive feed-back received from site personnel has been reassuring and reflects on the professionalism of the individuals involved.
When practical this is achieved by the appointed engineer making regular courtesy visits to the customer’s site and monthly meetings held between the customer, the assigned TEC CAM and appointed Engineer. This approach has proven to be an effective method of working with our customer’s and has received much praise and appreciation with the reduction of their operating costs.
Turbine Energy Co, provides our clients with expert personnel to undertake and deliver both on-site and remote engineering services, meeting their needs for planned and unplanned plant maintenance
Multi-disciplined Skill Base

Our engineers are trained and experienced in controls and mechanical skills disciplines relating to a wide range of gas turbine makes and models. By training each engineer to be proficient in both skills this effectively increases our on-site performance and minimizes customer downtime.
Our engineers are experienced in the following control systems / platforms:

  • Siemens S5 and S7
  • GE Fanuc
  • GEC Digi gov
  • Woodward Netcon, Micronet, Atlas and GAP
  • Cimplicity
  • Citect
  • Speedtronic MKIV, MKV, MKV+ and MKVI
  • Wonderware
  • RRFT Range
  • Tomassen

Our engineers are also experienced mechanically on the following gas turbines:

  • G.E. - Frame. 5,6,7 & 9’s
  • Rolls Royce - Avon, Olympus & RB211 All Derivatives
  • Alstom - TA, TB, Typhoon & Tornado
  • Rolls Royce/Allison - KB501, KC501 & KH501
  • Solars - Centaur, Saturn, Mars
  • P & W FT4/FT8
  • Siemens V94.2

Services Included:

  • Organization & Planning
  • Operational procedures
  • Maintenance & preventive maintenance procedures
  • Safety procedures, for both plant integrity, and health and safety
  • Dispatch, distribution and inspection